New Foal!

Adorable pictures of rare baby foal taking its first steps with its … › news › 18330235.adorable-pictures-rar…

5 hours ago – THESE adorable pictures show what is believed to be Britain’s first ‘double pearl’ baby foal taking tentative steps with its mother.

Baby foal taking tentative steps with its mother.
Daily Express: 2020-03-24 – Rare ‘pearl’ foal … – PressReader › daily-express

10 hours ago – Pearl is one of the rarest colour traits in horses, with a “single pearl” giving a … This Spanish colt foal – which is yet to be named – was born to a single pearl … Sarah, 45, who runs Orchid Stud near Yeovil, Somerset, said: “It’s just such a … “I haven’t given him a name yet but I want something related to gold.

Matthew seed – video behind the scenes

Feb 9 2019

Hope you enjoy the new Pearl of Peace World web site. Watch this space for updates and for news about this amazing horse and his offsprings.

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Feb 8 2019

An Isabela filly

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Feb 1 2019

Chestnut filly carrying the pearl gene

Feb 1 2019

A perlino colt

Feb 1 2019

Talita is a stunning mare, with excellent conformation, movement and temperament. She has produced a beautiful first filly from Pearl of Peace – she is so elegant she has been named Elegant Pearl EV.

Feb 1 2019

Zarina is the half sister of Joya and is a stunning mare. She has been bred by the Malaga breeder Jesus Mancebo. He is known for breeding horses specially for bull fighting and as a result his horses all have good movement and flexibility – Zarina being no exception. He was one of the first breeders to breed horses carrying the double pearl gene and producing the rare Isabela colour.

Zarina is a double pearl and her line is from the Cartujanno horse, BODEGUERO II, which carried the pearl gene.

From maternal side Zarina’s grandfather is PELETERO II, which is from Yeguada Militar who is a pure Cartujano horse and is one of the most important stud horses in Spain and is known for his beauty and strength.

Zarina is stunning to look at owing to her Isabela colouring and her line is known for its nobleness, functionality and the most important thing her excellent character.

She has produced a beautiful filly – Absolute Pearl EV.  The filly has inherited Pearl of Peace EV quality of movement and colour.